2020 WooCommerce Tax Rates Template For All Countries! Download Now!

Placing orders at Aliexpress? Not clear about sales tax? You may be suffering a higher cost in drop shipping business…

Luckily that you find me! I’ve gathered the Woocommerce tax rates of 2020 for all countries. Just download and import in one click!

Quite a few enterprises went bankruptcy because of the coronavirus pandemic.

What’s Drop Shipping?

One-man’s “zero-cost” business

So some people decided to make money online at home. And Drop shipping must be one of the low cost methods.

Drop shipping has never been complicated: public the products’ information offered by sourcers online(most ppl start with Aliexpress) and sell them as your own inventory.

Making money is not that difficult, huh?

How to start Drop shipping?

Choose a proper platform

Shopify, lower learning curve

Facing pandemic, new Shopify registers can enjoy a 90-day trial
Besides giant E-commerce platform like Amazon or e-bay, Shopify and Woocommerce are the prevailing ones for small businesses.

Free and chargeable, many selected templates and plugins are provided by Shopify,

Plus, Amid COVID-19 pandemic, Shopify extended the 14-day free trial to 90 days.

Why not give it a try?

WooCommerce, strong plugin support based on WordPress

WooCommerce system is the love of DIY fans.

It is actually a plugin for WordPress, but a sophisticated one which lots of third-party teams are providing varied plugins for it .

2020 woocommerce tax rates template

WooCommerce Tax Rates Template

It’s coming!!!

The only inconvenience of WooCommerce system is that there are too many plugins created by programmers…

It will cost a lot of time to test the proper one for one need.

Well, after so long a prologue, let’s come straight to the show for today——

While placing orders at Aliexpress, lots of products will be charged different tax because of different shipping countries.

If the tax was not set right in your own shop, you may lose more profit than expected.

I once got caught in such trouble the other day 🙁

But the solutions I googled were neither out-of-date nor in disordered format.

WooCommerce Tax Rates 2020 All World
WooCommerce Tax Rates 2020 All World

So I had to write some code and scrape the sales tax rates(GST QST HST included) of the world(all states in America and all countries in the world included) in the year of 2020.

Here is the .csv file download link:

All you need to do is importing it to WooCommerce-Settings-Tax-Standard with only one click.

Trust me, I’m using it,too.

What’s next?

On your way to wealth……

About Drop shipping, topics are never insufficient——
Prework——hosting, domain name, platforms
Product——niche, pricing, shipment, source, taxation, channel fees, compliance…
Payment——Paypal, currency, credit card, Stripe…
SEO——product, landing page, banner…
Advertising——Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest…
Automation——refunds, returns, Google Analytics …

Tons of details need you paying attentions.

Which is of your greatest concern?

Leave a comment and let me know

: )

p.s. If you’ve already made up your mind to do dropshipping, here’s your first present to save cost at Aliexpress–

Good Luck!


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